Port (Base Class)

class openEMS.ports.Port(CSX, port_nr, start, stop, excite, **kw)

Bases: object

The port base class.

  • CSX – Continuous Structure

  • port_nr – int – port number

  • R – float – port reference impedance, e.g. 50 (Ohms)

  • stop (start,) – (3,) array – Start/Stop box coordinates

  • p_dir – int – port direction

  • excite – float – port excitation amplitude

  • priority – int – priority of all contained primtives

  • PortNamePrefix – str – a prefix for all ports-names

  • delay – float – a positive delay value to e.g. emulate a phase shift

Lumped Port

class openEMS.ports.LumpedPort(CSX, port_nr, R, start, stop, exc_dir, excite=0, **kw)

Bases: Port

The lumped port.

See also


MSL Port

class openEMS.ports.MSLPort(CSX, port_nr, metal_prop, start, stop, prop_dir, exc_dir, excite=0, **kw)

Bases: Port

The microstrip transmission line port.


prop_dir – int/str – direction of propagation

See also


Waveguide Port

class openEMS.ports.WaveguidePort(CSX, port_nr, start, stop, exc_dir, E_WG_func, H_WG_func, kc, excite=0, **kw)

Bases: Port

Base class for any waveguide port.

See also

Port, RectWGPort

Rect Waveguide Port

class openEMS.ports.RectWGPort(CSX, port_nr, start, stop, exc_dir, a, b, mode_name, excite=0, **kw)

Bases: WaveguidePort

Rectangular waveguide port.


a,b – float – Width/Height of rectangular waveguide port

See also

Port, WaveguidePort